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Heartfelt Tech

I'm Sarah and my snazzy websites and intuitive apps are how I like to help wellbeing and care entrepreneurs to make their businesses stand out.
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Need a snazzy website for your business? I can design one for you and train you in keeping it up to date, or handle that as well.

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New logo time? Need technical drawing? I've got you covered.

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iPhone Apps

Whether for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV. I build apps locally and communicate well, to keep you in the loop.

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Cross-Platform Apps

Need your app to work on Android too? I can build cross platform apps using Cordova / PhoneGap.

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App Rescue

Regretting going for that "surprisingly cheap" bid? I can get your app back on track, debug the issues and get you back in control.

My wife Sharlot runs a private counselling practice so I understand the work you put in to make your small business a success, and how you'd rather be focussed on helping people than the technology you use.

Like you I went into small business to help people. My way is with communication and code. I can build and repair websites and apps, and help you find the right combination of words and images to touch the lives of your ideal clients.