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App Rescue

App Rescue: Debug, Maintain and Understand Your App

App Rescue is for those who have lost control of their iOS or PhoneGap app project.

This service is part education, part experienced code rescue. I'll take the app/site that your developer left you with and help you get back in control.


Can you compile your own code? Never mind complex changes, do you know how to just fix a spelling mistake in your app and re-publish to the app store? Would you like to be able to?

I'll get you up to speed so you're confident with the basics and whatever you don't feel up to I can handle for you!

Fix My App!

Perhaps you need me to "just make it go" as quickly as possible before worrying about code quality or your level of comfort with the source code. I've got you covered. I can debug iPhone and PhoneGap apps and set your app right in no time :)
App Rescue!!
This service is perfect for entrepreneurs who:
  • Accepted that surprisingly low bid, perhaps offshore, and now regret it
  • Had their developer move on
  • Just want to be more in control of their own code
  • Have trouble communicating with their current developer
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Clare Christie
I received Sarah's name through a mutual friend and she has helped me over the past year continue the development of my travel app (for iTunes). Sarah had to pick-up from where I had finished with my NZD developer and she did so seamlessly. Sarah has a deep knowledge and understanding of xCode and Objective C. She has an amazing ability to explain complex issues in simple terms and she is a great teacher. Sarah has done such a great job teaching me how to do this myself, I was able to build the remaining three cities on my own. This is a huge accomplishment for me and would not have been feasible had it not been for Sarah's patience and expertise