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Native iPhone Apps

Build an app for your busines or crowdfunded project

Your app needs to reflect your personality, not just with branding choices but with functionality that's simple and clear and invites people to play.

iPhone Apps

How will your app touch people's hearts?

I've worked on various types of app but the key for me is that it connects with people. Whether the app is at the core of your business or supporting another product you've created, your app should be an experience not just a tool.

It should support appropriate platforms, for example AppleTV or AppleWatch may be appropriate depending on your app.

Finally you should be clear not just which features you're putting in, but which you're leaving out. Purity of purpose can make the difference in getting the right feel, the right ease of use and the right customers.

Getting Started

I like to meet clients in person before we commit to anything. If that's not possible then a video call is fine, but it's important to me that I get a sense of who you are, where you're coming from and what's important to you about your app.

I'll discuss things like features, monetisation, style, differentiating yourself from your competition and point out important aspects like marketing that may be vital to the success of your app.

An app "from scratch" generally starts at about $10k for a trivial app.

Past Work: Exerbeats

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Exerbeats plays music to match your exercise workout. Choose a tempo and it'll filter to songs that are a similar speed, then tweak the playback to exactly match the tempo you've chosen!

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