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iPhone Apps in Melbourne

For some, an app is the centrepiece of their business.

For others it's a tool to get noticed, perform specialised work or keep in touch.

What will your app be?

Features of a Great App

A great app is an experience, something you can touch and change. Something that touches and changes lives.

Great apps respond to different screen sizes, adapt to appropriate formats like phone, TV, watch or iPad. They use the features of the device to help make interaction easier. Great apps look and feel great.

Great apps are the result of great editing: what you leave out is as important as what you include. Have a clear, singular purpose to guide you.

Typical pricing

Build an iPhone app from as little as $10k.

Book a meeting to discuss the scale of your app idea. Generally more pages, more custom features and apps requiring sign in are bigger.
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My Process

We'll meet in person and discuss your ideas. How clear is the concept? Will you (and how will you) monetise it? How do your ideas fit with Apple guidelines?

We'll discuss a "minimum viable product": the purest, smallest form of your app with minimum features that will just get your idea out there as quickly as possible. Real feedback is the way to refine and polish your idea.

We'll explore what else you might need, like PR or tech support for your customers, and we'll settle on a clear picture of what you want done and what we expect it'll cost.

After that I'll start building, and give you a "show and tell" style demo every week/fortnight/month as appropriate for the scale of project. You'll see it turn into the app you want and guide each step of the way.

I don't believe in holding onto IP rights after work has been paid for. The software, source code and all becomes yours on payment.
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Exerbeats is app that plays music to match your exercise workout. Choose a tempo and it'll filter to songs that are a similar speed, then tweak the playback to exactly match the tempo you've chosen!

Shane Murphy
I was recommended to Sarah by a colleague who had contracted her to build their app. We met and agreed a path forward and way of charging for the product I wanted to build from scratch. Sarah was very enthusiastic and proactive, making many practical suggestions as to how to get the various aspects of the app into place.
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The Privacy Check app allowed users to scan their social media accounts and those of their family to see how much is available to the public. The scan was independent of the social media companies, so it could spot not just whether information was "set to private" but whether that setting really worked (sometimes it didn't!)

Megan Walker
If you’ve got a software idea and you’re not sure it can be done – Sarah George will find a way!
When I engaged Sarah on my project, this is what I got:
• Excellent communication and transparency over the development process.
• Outstanding documentation, to facilitate transfer of IP.
• A consistently positive attitude – nothing is too hard, everything is achievable.
• Technical proficiency – everything works, and in better ways than I expected.