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Updating Your Own Cordova App

A lot of people are getting custom apps made now. Perhaps you got your funding on KickStarter or IndieGoGo or GoFundMe and your idea involves an app. If you got it built and asked for it to be cross platform (say, Android and iOS) then you were probably given a Cordova app from your developer.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’d just like a better understanding of what it is you were given.

Maybe there are typos and other minor mistakes and you’d like to save money by fixing those yourself. 

This should help to get you started. 
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Building A Website Together

To help with communication and visibility about where we are in a project together, I use a web application called Trello.
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The Wrong Developer

"Choosing a Developer": a weird kind of job interview where the employer (you) attends the offices of the potential employees, and are given coffee, comfortable (or condescending) chat, and perhaps a glossy bid brochure.  Read More…