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Cross-Platform Apps

Cordova Apps

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Cordova goes by a many names - PhoneGap, Callback, Ionic, Monaco, TACO, Intel XDK, Telerik.

Cordova is the current, centralised name so I use that, or PhoneGap if I'm taking a trip down memory lane 😀
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Cross-Platform Apps

Cordova is a platform for building apps that run on iPhone, Android and many other mobile devices.

Cordova takes advantage of the fact that each phone developer sees a good web experience as vital, and uses web development tools like HTML, CSS and Javascript to create apps.

Cordova apps forgo some of the potential speed and individual device capabilities available on each platform, but excels at what the platforms have in common and providing a common experience across them.

I've been building Cordova apps since 2014 and focus on reliable, easy-to-use apps. I communicate every step with my clients and provide regular demos so they can see how the app is progressing.