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A website can connect your wellbeing business with the right clients – the ones you feel you are meant to serve.

I build websites for counsellors, massage therapists, healers and others who feel the call to help others through a small practice or business.

A website gives credibility to your practice or small business, it's an online banner proclaiming, "I am here! I can help you and here's how to get started!"

You don't need to be a tech person – that's where I come in. I can handle design, hosting, domain names – all the tools needed to get your message out there on a great website.
My speciality is websites for people who's job is caring:
  • Counselling websites
  • Massage clinic websites
  • Alternative therapy websites
  • Vet or animal shelter websites
  • Residential care websites

I build my sites using RapidWeaver or WordPress, depending on your needs.

Local Melbourne Web Developer

We meet in person (or via phone/Skype) and take the time to make sure I understand your passion, your personality, and your hopes and fears around connecting through a website.

I design your site, getting regular feedback from you. I handle the design and tech from beginning to end – photos, art, words, hosting, domain registration, SEO and more. All you have to do is chat with me about what you need and I'll make it happen.

Once a month we'll catch up again to go over how the site is performing and any updates or tweaks you might need.
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Pricing typically around $500 for a trivial "brochure" site up to $5000+ for a web portal/app

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The Naturally U Body & Soul website about Remedial Massage in Richmond and much more.
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Sally Goldner's website was resumed from another developer, made responsive and is being taken through to completion for 2016.
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Purple Healing Counselling Services needed a stark Purple theme with a "who/what/where/when" narrative oriented menu.
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The Sew Judie site is an online store for sewing & knitting projects like skirts, cardigans and more. The client requested a "Christmas window" kind of feel, with peacock colouring. I decided to put mannequins looking in, and animate the products in the window.